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Fuel, gas, fertiliser and other goods that carry a risk to humans and the environment… Transporting hazardous goods is a high-risk profession that requires precaution and compliance with all the safety rules dictated by the Directorate General for Risk Prevention.

Intelligent solutions

Dedicated drivers

When transporting hazardous goods, it is essential to have drivers trained in the latest regulations and procedures on handling and transporting hazardous loads. All our drivers who specialise in transporting hazardous goods are trained in Chapter 1.3 of the ADR by our Safety Advisors and are continually monitored. The safety of our drivers and your customers is of utmost importance to us.

Adapted vehicles

To transport your hazardous goods you must select industrial vehicles that have the mandatory equipment such as fire extinguishers, personal protective equipment and mandatory transport documents. You also need vehicles that comply with the signage standards required for the goods being transported. Our team will help you to choose the vehicle suitable for your products so you don’t have to concern yourself with this. You will be assured of having a partner committed to complying with the rules required to deliver your goods.

Personalised organisation

To assist your processes, our safety advisors help you deal with documentation issues related to the transport of dangerous goods. They are constantly involved in operations and regulatory monitoring, as well as supporting your dedicated drivers, who receive regular training.

Enzo, Manager of Operations and Contracts (MOC) for two years at Berto,
tells us…

Two of my drivers work for a domestic fuel oil supplier. They deliver to individuals on a daily basis. Of course, you have to be vigilant when handling hazardous materials. Internally at Berto we have established an annual system of accompaniment on rounds and mandatory accreditation renewal, led by the MOC, the HSE monitor or the driver’s tutor to ensure that the procedures are always correctly applied. Essential to ensure operations are carried out properly !