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Frozen, fresh or dry products, beverages, flour and other foodstuffs are required on a daily basis by professionals in the food industry. We handle their distribution and guarantee their integrity and quality.

Intelligent solutions

Dedicated drivers

You need drivers trained in cold chain compliance and current sanitary standards to ensure maximum safety for the end consumer. You want to entrust your goods to a partner who has expertise in handling perishable goods during loading and unloading operations as well as in good hygiene practices. Our drivers are trained and meet all these criteria for your peace of mind.

Adapted vehicles

You need industry-specific vehicles adapted to your food and your delivery locations: bi-temperature or tri-temperature refrigerated lorries, food-grade tanks, tarpaulin platforms. Together, we establish the vehicle that’s best suited to your requirements. In addition, our embedded technologies guarantee total traceability of the products transported.

Personalised organisation

For you, the timescales from collection to delivery are fundamentally important. That’s why the Groupe Berto establishes with your teams a system of organisation that is personalised, reliable and meets your deadlines. Do you have peaks of activity that mean you need extra rounds? No problem, we adapt to the seasonal nature of your business.

Thierry, Berto driver for a year
with 18 years’ experience
in the food sector,
tells us…

Working with a refrigerated lorry requires complete respect of the cold chain. It’s essential to ensure the quality of the products delivered. Direct contact with customers makes the job really appealing. I wouldn’t change it for anything!