Our CSR commitments

Since we began, the Groupe Berto has always aspired to incorporate our commitments of solidarity, benevolence and safety into our work on a daily basis.

Social & civic engagement

Safety and prevention are core values at the Groupe Berto that are at the forefront of our activity every day for the benefit of our teams and our customers.

Environmental commitments

Out of our concern for the world our children are growing up in, we are taking action to reduce our environmental impact, we are committed to cleaner road transport and we encourage alternative modes of transport.

Economic commitments

Our Group is committed to conducting our business operations responsibly and ethically, in a way that contributes to the economic and social development of the regions in which we operate. Customer satisfaction is one of our core priorities, with a focus on dialogue, advice and support.

View the Groupe Berto’s 2020 non-financial performance statement (PDF in french)