We are committed to you, your customers and your projects

Automotive, steel, metallurgy… industrial activities need support to ensure factory or site deliveries happen on time, as each link in the production chain is essential.

Intelligent solutions

Dedicated drivers

You need drivers specifically trained in your profession and sector, and their specific requirements. Drivers with expertise in execution procedures and manoeuvres for successful pick-up, transport and on-site delivery. That’s our commitment to you for each dedicated driver we appoint you.

Adapted vehicles

Whether for inter-site shuttles or regional delivery rounds, together with you we determine the most suitable way of dealing with your upstream and downstream production lines flows You have access to our latest lorries that meet your loading and unloading requirements, specific to your industrial goods.

Personalised organisation

Aware of the need for goods to be available for production and the economic stakes at play, in collaboration with our team you determine the set-up that meets your manufacturing timescales. If necessary, we are able to adapt to your activity peaks.

Frédéric, who has worked at Berto for 10 years and leads a team of 12 drivers,
tells us…

We work for an automotive equipment manufacturer. They make the parts, we deliver them. Despite the schedules we have to comply with, we tell our drivers to not rush as we’re dealing with fragile goods. Our responsibility is to deliver them without damage before they are attached to a vehicle. It’s exciting to be behind the scenes of the automobile industry!