Economic commitments

Our Group is committed to conducting our business operations responsibly and ethically, in a way that contributes to the economic and social development of the regions in which we operate. Customer satisfaction is one of our core priorities, with a focus on dialogue, advice and support.

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Contributing to the development
of local employment

The Groupe Berto has 74 sites throughout Europe. The Group’s constant growth allows us to develop local employment and contribute to the economic and social vitality of the regions in which we operate.

our clients

At the Groupe Berto, client satisfaction is one of our core priorities, which we pursue by focusing on dialogue, providing advice and being present on the ground.

Our employees regularly visit their clients in order to continuously improve the quality of our services.

We also regularly ask our clients to complete satisfaction surveys to help us identify areas for improvement.


As a pillar of our growth strategy at the Groupe Berto, innovation is part of our DNA and is a major differentiator.

We created an innovation unit to support the emergence of innovative products and services with high added value for our clients. This unit prepares the company to respond to future challenges and initiate the appropriate changes.

Our research office helps our clients to optimise their delivery rounds and gain productivity.

Our Technical and Procurement Department constantly offers our clients ever more efficient vehicles that meet their needs and are environmentally friendly.

Doing business
in an ethical way

At the Groupe Berto we require that our employees carry out their roles with integrity and work with our various stakeholders (employees, clients, partners, suppliers) in line with our ethical principles of transparency, respect, duty, fairness and confidentiality.


As in every area of the company’s activity, our procurement is guided by our ethical, social and environmental commitments. Our Procurement Department acts in accordance with the Group’s CSR commitments. We want our suppliers to share and uphold our values of responsible business, so ask them to adhere to our suppliers’ code of conduct.