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You are responsible for an ancillary activity essential for hospitals to function properly, such as laundry, meal delivery or medicine transport. Demanding tasks that require a high level of responsibility at all times. Every day we take on these challenges for our healthcare clients.

Intelligent solutions

Dedicated drivers

In this sector, you need to have a partner you can trust in who regularly trains and supports its drivers dedicated to transport for hospitals. There can be no interruption of service, which is why we guarantee the same level of expertise across our whole team and handle all daily rotations for the well-being of patients and medical staff.

Adapted vehicles

From catering to laundry and medicine delivery, vehicles need to be suitable for the goods being transported, as well as complying with your internal regulations. When required, you can count on our park and ride service to come and support the team on site and deal with emergencies.

Personalised organisation

We allocate you dedicated managers to ensure you have a contact point for ongoing communication to be able to adapt to changing situations. Together with you, we organise your delivery rounds across different categories and ensure they operate without disruption 365 days a year.

Christel, driver and then local manager at the teaching hospital
for the Groupe Berto for 12 years,
tells us…

As soon as you work for a hospital, you are part of the overall system of care. Our end customer is the patient. All our actions contribute to patient satisfaction, that’s really our priority