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Recycling and waste recovery are growing sectors that are necessary to protect our environment. At the Groupe Berto we play a part in this environmental challenge and offer industrial vehicles designed to collect and transport all types of waste.

Intelligent solutions

Dedicated drivers

From the collection of your waste to its delivery to treatment and recovery sites, you need a high-quality service. Our experience in the recycling sector guarantees our driving personnel undergo rigorous training.

Adapted vehicles

You need equipment adapted to the types of waste collected, whether its hazardous or non-hazardous, sorted or unsorted, loose or packaged: we can provide tipper trucks, hook lifts, flatbed or rigid lorries, with or without a crane. Our team will help you choose the vehicle(s) suitable for your environmental collection needs.

Personalised organisation

Your waste collection plan must be the most efficient, optimised and suitable for your situation as possible. Taking into account your requirements, our dedicated operators organise collection and transport to the recovery site in compliance with waste transport regulations.

Lionel, a Berto driver
for three years,
tells us…

I am in charge of collecting and transporting specific waste (chemical and toxic) from hospital laboratories to sorting centres. Working in this sector requires good knowledge of the products. Plus, we’re not only on the road, which is rewarding!