Social & civic engagement

Safety and prevention are core values at the Groupe Berto that are at the forefront of our activity every day for the benefit of our teams and our customers.

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Making safety
a priority

The Group makes every effort to enable our employees to work safely, for their benefit and for their environment.

The majority of our subsidiaries have an HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) trainer. The four regions in which we operate also have regional HSEs that help implement the Group’s safety policy.

Each driver receives safety training at least once a year, through in-cab coaching, safety visits in the field and ‘discussions’ (safety meetings).

Traffic and work accidents are systematically analysed to identify the causes and raise awareness among each driver of situations that may cause an accident.

Taking action on
employee well-being

We work hard to create positive working conditions because we care deeply about the well-being of our employees.

The Group has created a significant social benefits and recognition scheme (challenges, intercompany savings plan (PEI), collective pension plan (PERCO), free online homework assistance service for employees’ children, housing assistance service, etc.).

We also work hard to maintain a permanent dialogue with our employees.

Supporting our

Employees also have access to an in-house social welfare unit we created. It takes any actions that may prevent or address professional and/or personal difficulties. Retirement, health, disability, financial issues, children’s schooling, working relationships… These are all issues that employees can raise with the social welfare unit during private meetings.

employees’ skills

Our Human Resources department works every day to support employees throughout their career in the company, offering them a working environment conducive to their personal and professional development.

Promoting diversity
and equal opportunities

The Groupe Berto’s recruitment policy is based on equal treatment. Our goal is to spot talented women and men, while helping promote gender, cultural, ethnic and/or social diversity.

Our internship and work-study policy enables us to promote access to employment for young people. Thanks to our various partnerships with schools, we recruit many young people on apprenticeship and professional training contracts. We favour hiring of our work-study graduates for permanent roles.

The Groupe Berto also values the expertise of our senior employees by transferring their skills through tutoring programs and inter-generation contracts.

Similarly, we run awareness-raising campaigns as part of our commitment to demonstrating that disability is not an obstacle to employment. Alongside this, we also organise business immersion days as well as work-study programmes.

Our recruitment policy includes actions targeted at women and aims to change the perception that jobs in transport companies are primarily for men.

to the community

In 2018, the Groupe Berto created the ‘Young Talents to Change the World’ programme to offer employees the opportunity to engage in a meaningful social project during their working hours.

In 2019, 23 employees volunteered to sponsor and support a young person in a professional project. In partnership with a network of associations and local organisations, we do everything possible to restore confidence in these young people and to support them with the help of our networks.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the second round of the programme could not be completed in 2020, despite having around thirty committed sponsors within the Group. Our aim is to do the programme again as soon as possible.