MORE than
half a century
of history

The Groupe Berto
was created
in 1963 by Emile Berto,
and was then
managed by
Pierre-Yves Berto
from 1982.

Our vision

To create with our clients and employees optimised distribution, collection and logistics solutions that are more environmentally friendly.

Today, the Groupe Berto is recognised as the national leader in this area, and we have been able to adapt and evolve in a sector that has undergone profound changes. To meet market expectations, the Groupe Berto has been able to anticipate and innovate.

The creation of new services, new products and our proven human resource expertise have allowed us to position ourselves as a platform of specialised and intelligent services for the optimised management of people, equipment and flows.


Transports Berto created by Emile Berto with just one client and one vehicle.


Pierre-Yves Berto becomes CEO of the company after having developed it commercially since 1977.


First external growth operation in the Paris region which becomes the Group’s first subsidiary. Since then, 53 other companies have joined the Groupe Berto.


Pierre-Yves Berto becomes Chairman of the Group’s Supervisory Board. Norbert Zoppi is appointed Chairman of the Management Board. Adrien Berto joins the Group and begins his onboarding process.


The Groupe Berto is betting on a greener future with alternative energies and supports its partners in their energy transition.




Locations around the world