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That’s where you’ll find out about our roles and all our job offers for permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, work-study programmes, internships and executive roles. It also tells you about the Berto spirit, our Human Resources policy and our commitment to diversity.

Every year, nearly 800 people join the Groupe Berto from throughout France and around the world.

Joining us means choosing a career in the future of transport and logistics, taking part in a people-first adventure and contributing to the success story of a family business.


There is a place for every talent at Berto. What is yours?


Driving covers many different roles as our customers are from a wide variety of sectors. Depending on their specialty, the role of our drivers consists of distributing all types of goods, with or without the help of handling equipment, on behalf of our clients to their end customers, while complying with legislation, the procedures of the Group and the client, and respecting the equipment.

As the driving force and front-line representatives of our company, our drivers have an essential role in client relations. The quality of the service they provide, their professionalism and their interpersonal skills contribute to our clients’ satisfaction.

Our subsidiaries are very diverse and located throughout France, offering varied career opportunities with numerous development prospects, which may result in multi-sectoral skills.

It’s much more than just driving; every day our drivers distribute all the products necessary for professionals and individuals in many sectors to do their jobs.

Some of our roles :

  • HGV driver
  • General driver
  • Long-haul driver
  • LGV driver


Workshop roles are related to all things mechanical. Our mechanics are responsible for periodic services and inspections, diagnostics, repairs and adjustments of our subsidiaries’ vehicles using manufacturers’ data or instructions from the workshop manager, always striving for high-quality and timely work. Our fleet managers ensure vehicles are clean and in good working order upon departure and return.

Some of our roles :

  • Mechanic
  • Fleet manager
  • Workshop manager


Operations encompasses roles responsible for operational activity and managing client contracts for our subsidiaries. Our Operations and Contracts Managers (OMC) are key intermediaries, ensuring that our services meet client expectations, providing solutions tailored to their needs and optimising distribution rounds. They supervise and coordinate the work of our drivers, being attentive to their needs, ensuring good communication and high standards, in compliance with safety rules and legislation governing drivers and vehicles.

These roles have a major responsibility in ensuring the high quality of our services since they are in charge of planning and providing the resources to ensure the delivery of goods essential to our clients’ businesses.

Our subsidiaries, of different sizes and located throughout France, offer varied career opportunities as well as enriching interpersonal experiences because of the challenges that the operations team deal with.

Some of our roles :

  • Operations and Contracts Manager
  • Operations executive posted to a client
  • Regional Operations Manager


The safety of our employees and partners is of utmost priority for the Groupe Berto. People and the environment are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our safety roles are a vital part of the Group. Our HSE managers are responsible for the continuous improvement of the hygiene, safety and environmental conditions of our subsidiaries. They implement and coordinate the Group’s safety policy in every part of the business.

Some of our roles :

  • Safety Monitor
  • Safety Trainer
  • Subsidiary HSE Manager
  • Regional HSE Manager

Support roles

In a company like the Groupe Berto, with a diverse range of activity and a presence throughout France and in other countries, our support functions are among the most inter-disciplinary roles in the organisation. They give our Group the resources and flexibility necessary for us to succeed in a sector that is constantly evolving.

These roles cover a wide range of skills including commercial, management, administration, procurement and technical, human resources, finance, audit and insurance, IT, marketing and communication. They work across numerous parts of the business, offering a challenging and varied experience.

Interpersonal and listening skills are vital in these roles. Our support roles offer great opportunities for meetings, collaborations and interactions with all our stakeholders.

Some of our roles :

  • Auditor
  • Communications Officer
  • Technical Studies Officer
  • Recruitment Officer
  • Insurance/Claims Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • IT Engineer
  • Legal Expert
  • Administrative Manager