How to outsource your logistics ?

Do you own a fleet of vehicles, but no longer want to have to worry about managing your drivers and lorries because of a lack of time, resources, or because you need immediate cash-flow? There’s a solution: outsourcing.

Regardless of a company’s size and activity, fleet management can quickly become very complex, whether there are 10 or 100 vehicles.

  • Drivers need to be managed and trained, in line with the transport convention.
  • Vehicles have to be monitored, managed and maintained (replacements, breakdowns, tyres, services, MOTs, etc.)

This requires a significant investment of time and labour that you may want to be relieved of. The goal: to return to the fundamentals of your company, focus again on your core business and therefore gain a competitive edge.

What is outsourcing ?

A commercial outsourcing strategy consists of entrusting external partners to carry out activities that were previously handled internally. It involves getting someone else to do an activity you used to do yourself, even if it means delegating one or more components of the value chain.

This decision often results of an analysis of the strategic relevance of the related activity. Indeed, to assess the suitability of outsourcing, it needs to be rationalised in terms of costs as well as resource allocation. By handing over the activity, the company ‘frees up’ internal resources that can be allocated to activities, where it has a real added value.
This enables the company to reduce fixed costs and therefore to improve its flexibility and responsiveness.

How exactly does it work ?

Subcontracting is the most common form of outsourcing, whereby you establish a long-term contract with a partner. The partner undertakes to carry out a pre-established scope of work, and the subcontractor retains responsibility for the tasks entrusted to him.

With the Berto Group, the French leader in the outsourcing of industrial vehicles, you benefit from our expertise in all areas related to this process. Using our services is a guarantee that everything will be handled perfectly, from technical and legal aspects to security, training and even recruitment.

Putting your trust in the Berto Group means improving your performance in terms of operations, finances (immediate cash inflow) and technology (alternative energies).

Shall we talk about it ?


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