How to rent an industrial vehicle with a driver

Do you have to manage peaks of activity, marked seasonality, ad-hoc requirements, or a broader scope of deliveries? Does your business require recurring deliveries, but you don’t want to take on responsibility for the employees and equipment? Hiring industrial vehicles with a driver allows you to constantly adjust your fleet for you to run or develop your business.

The concept of hiring an industrial vehicle with a driver began in France in the middle of the twentieth century, before spreading throughout Europe. The proof that it works is in the growing number of companies moving into this sector. It can be the solution to many problems, whether you are a transport professional or not.

The primary objective of hiring industrial vehicles with a driver is undoubtedly to not miss out on commercial opportunities that may arise, or simply to be able to maintain your planned service in case of unforeseen events, peaks or for business development.

Indeed, if your company only has small lorries for example, but occasionally requires the use of a greater capacity lorry or one with a specific function that you don’t have (e.g. a crane, dumpster, concrete mixer), calling on a rental company can be the perfect solution. This can be for one-off activities or for a longer period of time.

Long-term rental contracts create a strong commitment between the rental company and the person hiring the vehicle. The driver becomes a true ambassador of the rentalr’s brand to their customers. The vehicle, meanwhile, can be totally covered in the client’s colours, boosting their brand image while on the road.

The people and the resources, without the constraints

Hiring a lorry with a driver relieves you of all obligations related to employing staff and vehicle wear and tear.

Hiring a lorry with a driver guarantees the daily presence of a driver, whatever the circumstances (sick leave, holidays, training, etc.). The regular driver is replaced with a transparent human resource management process.

You also no longer have to worry about recruitment and all the different elements of training. Finally, obligations related to transport regulations are dealt with and integrated as part of the driver’s documents.

Hiring a lorry with a driver also ensures there is no service disruption in the event of a lorry being faulty, breaking down or being involved in an accident. It’s the certainty of access to new vehicles, maintained and serviced in the workshops of the company on which they depend.

Hiring a lorry with a driver more generally also gives you the opportunity to refocus on your core business and develop it, by removing aspects related to transport.

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