How do you hire lorry drivers?

The transport and logistics sector has never been more in need of lorry drivers than it is today. Despite the difficulties related to recruitment in this profession and the shortage of applicants, vigilance is required in order to not rush the process. Hiring is good, but hiring well is better!

Not appealing enough? Misunderstanding of the industry? Whatever the reason, a shortage of qualified drivers has been a recurring problem for the area in the recent years. A study by France Stratégie revealed alarming findings. By 2022, the transport and logistics area, which represents 1.6 million jobs in France, will need to replace 457,000 employees who will retire. At the same time, it is expected to create 83,000 additional jobs. There will, therefore, be 540,000 positions to be filled, including 223,000 lorry drivers.

This shortage may be caused by many factors, including a deteriorated image of the profession, family obligations, lack of recognition or too low wages. Some stereotypes are persistent and it is sometimes hard for the society to modernise the profession image.

It is highly likely that you find yourself in the critical situation mentioned above. You have a real need to strengthen your workforce and you are struggling to find those rare gems.

If you are looking to hire a driver it is because you need to expand your distribution. This creates a number of responsibilities for you, such as managing training, workloads, planning, tardiness, disputes, holidays, etc.

Finding a good employee takes time. First you need to select them, meet them and make sure they are right for the role. But then you have to train them and closely monitor their career progression. At the same time, you have to continue to run your business and guarantee an exceptional quality of service for your customers.

So what should you do ?

What if the solution was to relieve yourself of this daily pressure of employee management?

Renting an industrial vehicles with drivers may be the solution to the puzzle you are struggling to solve. By using a specialist company, you no longer have to worry about a driver being absent, training another one, the delivery, or a problem with a lorry.

By entrusting your transport function to a company like the Berto Group, you are giving yourself the opportunity to focus again on your core business, with the peace of mind that comes with an experienced and qualified service.

Have you ever thought about renting an industrial vehicle with a driver?

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